Marcos Questas, born and raised in Buenos Aires, and Ruta Maria, of Lithuanian / American heritage, have dedicated their life and passion to the art, education and preservation of Argentine Tango. Marcos, having danced since the young age of 6, learned his first tango steps from his grandfather - a true milonguero himself. Now a third generation dancer of tango, he has had an astounding career performing on the stage of famed tango houses El Viejo Almacen, Argentina Tango & Pampa, the national tango TV show Grandes Valores del Tango and was on full staff of Argentina's Presidential Committee of Entertainment performing for official presidential events and dignitaries visiting Buenos Aires. Additionally, he has also performed on stage with opera singer Julia Mignes and has producied the Las Vegas Tango Festival from 2000-2005, Tango Project I and II, LA TangoProject and choreographed for the Latin Grammys. Now expanding his passion into directing other concepts, films and mediums Marcos can be found creating and leading companies and productions onto a new artistic path. 


Ruta Maria, a distinguished dancer in the dance world, "fell" into classical ballet after she stumbled as a child running to the arms of her mother. After graduating from Interlochen Arts Academy, she is more graceful on the stage these days, having danced and choreographed for many renowned companies as a principle dancer including: Nevada Ballet Theater, Bolshoi's first International Exchange, Jacksonville Ballet, Ballet West and Cirque du Soleil's Mystere. Tango entered her life unexpectantly and has been her only focus since. Developing into a tango artist, and an instructor, has been an unimaginable reward and she continues to teach and spread this art with technical percision and delight. She has performed and instructed at the TangoMundo Festival, The Boulder Tango Festival, Las Vegas Tango Experience and Argentine Tango USA Championship and co-produces events for dancers to enjoy.

“The embrace is the cause; tango is the effect.”

Maestro Marcos Questas


Together, Marcos and Ruta share a passion, drive and humor all to their own. They enjoy seeing their students dance and together continue looking for innovative ways to share, express, teach and touch people through this form. Creating the Q Method of learning Tango, is the culmination of years of refining how to teach the rich Argentine Tango via natural movement, while honoring the deeply-rooted origins and soft essence of Tango. Maestro Marcos Questas and Ruta Maria respect Tango's rich history while implementing the ever-evolving dance's new techniques. Blending their knowledge of over 30 years of Tango, its music and culture, their method unifies and guides a dancer's journey in this soulful dance.